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Stunning Wallpapers from Thailand

Thailand is one of Asia’s greatest travel destination hosting more than 16 million tourists each year. The country is situated in Southeast Asia and spreads over approximately 513,000 square kilometers with maritime borders neighboring the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Its capital and largest city is Bangkok and from Thailand’s total population of around 66 million, over 8 million people live in Bangkok and over 14 million people live within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Make sure to check our selection of Stunning wallpapers from Thailand for some amazing scenery.

Tourism is one of the major sectors of Thailand’s economy, followed by wholesale and retail trade sector. Thailand has a lot to offer in regards to touristic attractions. The most popular are the Royal palaces and temples, historical and cultural attractions, shopping and dynamic nightlife. Phanom Rung for example, which is a temple sanctuary, is very appreciated by tourists due to its outstanding architecture. Thailand has also built a reputation for sex tourism although prostitution is not legalized with Bangkok acquiring the nickname of “Sin City of Asia”.

In regards to climate, most of Thailand has a tropical wet and dry or savanna climate. Temperatures range from annual high of 38 °C (100.4 °F) to a low of 19 °C (66.2 °F).

One of Thailand’s main attractions is its beaches and islands. Millions of tourists visit beach resorts in Pattaya, Phuket and Ko Samui while Chumphon Archipelago provides a great selection of islands to choose for your relaxing gateway.

Another beautiful attraction that only Thailand can provide is its wildlife and natural scenery. Thailand hosts several national parks where tourists can admire wild tigers, elephants, macaques, gibbons, deer and a wide range of species of birds. In regards to scenery, waterfalls can be found all over Thailand. Tourists also have the option of spending the night in the middle of the jungle.
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